Greater Artists Improve

Recorded on 2015-04-22

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Steve Jobs popularized the saying, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Over the years, it seems that the saying has been stolen by many greats, from Pablo Picasso, to T. S. Eliot, to Jobs himself. We may not know exactly who uttered this saying first, but it doesn’t really matter; we don’t think the saying is good enough.

Here’s a better saying: “Greater artists improve.”

It’s the next level of the Picasso/Eliot/Jobs saying. When we are designing a website, building online software, or crafting an online marketing strategy, we take inspiration from what has been done before and improve it until it is best-in-class. We don’t strive to produce a good copy or a great steal, we strive to produce the best.

The obligatory Apple comparison

Since we’re improving on a famous Steve Jobs saying, let’s use Apple as an example. On a surface level, some think Apple’s success is thanks to its “innovative” nature. Others think Apple’s success is more directly tied to Jobs’ propensity to “steal” from others. But really, Apple’s rise to success had almost nothing to do with being truly innovative, and little to do with being full of ruthless idea-pirates.

The iPod, one of Apple’s early stupid-successful products, revolutionized how people carried and consumed music. Its sales really took off when iTunes revolutionized how we got music from the Internet into the beautiful little hard drive MP3 player. The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player and iTunes wasn’t the first outlet for purchasing MP3s. Apple’s later stupid-successful products, The iPhone and iPad, weren’t the first in their categories, either.

These products were all game-changers, but not because Apple invented these products and not because they stole and marketed them better than anyone else. Apple improved on them until they were best-in-class products.

Jobs created a company where the end user was the most important stakeholder. Every aspect of their products were tested, scrutinized, and improved until they offered the best experience for their customers. Millions of consumers have clearly seen this attention to detail and appreciated it enough to justify spending more money for more and more Apple products. As a result, Apple became the most valuable company on the planet.

Pump’s best-in-class approach

At Pump, we’re always focused on improving your online presence and offering the best online experience for your users. Our best-in-class web design, online software development, and online marketing services are born from our belief that greater artists improve. We always want you to look better to your customers online, to gain you more leads, to serve your customers better online, and to make your business more efficient through custom-built online software.

Our long-term relationships with our clients have allowed us to do this for them. You can read our case studies to see just a few examples of the results of our partnerships with our clients, and how we helped improve their businesses.

Once you’re done reading, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you improve your online presence.