Good and Evil – The TWKM Logo

Recorded on 2011-02-07

I believe that life can be better. I believe that we also all have the capacity to make life better — for ourselves and for others — in simple ways. We don’t necessarily need to fly to Africa to build a well (although that is great!), we can also make life better in consistent, small, simple gestures and actions:

  • Helping someone understand something better.
  • Brushing the snow off of your partner’s/parent’s/roomate’s car in the morning.
  • Making your boss look good.
  • Helping with your co-worker’s work load.
  • Picking up a piece of garbage that you did not throw there.
  • Helping others going through challenging times.
  • Sending a gift or letter to a sick friend.
  • etc., etc.

These are not gigantic life-changing actions, rather they are small, simple gestures that show that you care about another, that show you care enough to try to make their lives just the tiniest bit easier or more enjoyable.

The TWKM logo reflects my belief that life can be better, and that we can make life better. I discovered the basis of the logo in the back of my mother’s well-worn Bible. There was a page that showed Biblical symbols, some referring to the Trinity, some referring to symbols that early Christians used to secretly identify each other when they were being hunted by the Romans.

Of the multiple pages of symbols, the one that really seemed to resonate with me was a simple circle that had a line drawn vertically through it. The left side was colored black, and the right left unfilled. It symbolized Good and Evil.

I loved the simplicity of the symbol, and how much it stated with so little embellishment. But I saw in the symbol a sad stalemate. Good vs. Evil, static, with no change. They both existed there in a state in which neither side prevailed.

While this may be true and both Good and Evil exist in equal measure, I redrew the symbol to be more dynamic, showing that Good can overcome Evil. That there can be more Good than Evil. Basically, that we can make life better.


The TWKM logo is built off of the idea of that symbol, but it says so much more. The curved divider between the two sections shows that Good is forcing the boundary and encroaching on Evil’s territory. It is stressing it and actively working against it. By Good’s small and simple gestures and actions, it is making headway and growing, stealing space from Evil.

I love the simplicity of the TWKM logo, but I love more the complex message it conveys. This simple logo serves as a mini-manifesto that I strive to live and do business by. I work to make this logo a truth in my personal life by helping others in any way I can. With Gadgets by TWKM, I also work to make this logo a truth by not only make lives easier through gadgets and tools designed to simplify or streamline our lives, but also through donating to charities who are working to make life better for the people they support.