Blak Bambu Wallets

For many years I searched for a wallet that carried everything I needed, but in a smaller form than anything I could find. Minimal wallets started to come out, but they were made of plastic or metal. I couldn’t find anything in a classic, understated style. So I created Blak Bambu.

For years I studied, researched, and refined the design before starting a crowdfunding campaign. It turned out exactly the way I envisioned it. Although the campaign wasn’t a success, I learned a lot along the way about designing, sourcing, marketing, and crowdfunding a retail product.

So many people along the way helped me, and I am grateful to each and every one of them for all they contributed to Blak Bambu. Many thanks to:

  • Kelly Brunton for creative direction on the crowdfunding campaign’s video.
  • Clement Chan for his advice on sourcing and working with suppliers.
  • Keith Robson for his business advice and for introducing me to Clement Chan.
  • Dean Rud for the excellent design of the Blak Bambu logo.
  • Mark Suchland for his excellent photography skills.
  • And of course all of my friends, family, supporters, and crowdfunding backers. You all offered great feedback, advice, and kept me driven towards working towards making Blak Bambu a reality.