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UPDATE 2013-02-21: There is new functionality to the bookmarklet which will allow eventual support of using the bookmarklet with secured sites (starting with https://) as well as other enhancements. Please remove and re-install your SEO bookmarklets to take advantage of this functionality.

Every day as an Internet Marketer I review web pages to see how their on-page optimizations stack up against best practices to find out where they might be improved. With all of the different factors that go into on-page optimizations, it can often be very cumbersome to search through the page source to find all the areas of optimization I regularly look for.

So I built a bookmarklet that highlights the areas I look for most often, as well as a bunch of external tools I use to check other aspects, such as the readability of the page or how old the domain name is.

How it works

The bookmarklet opens a window over the page you're viewing to show you a bunch of different SEO factors and links to external sites. When you're done just click the red "x" button at the top right and the window will close. You don't have to leave the page or view the source.

There are two flavours, the stable version and a "Bleeding Edge" version that I might tweak from time to time (and may not work 100% all the time as I work on it). Drag the links below to your browser's toolbar to install it, or copy the text in the textareas to create your bookmarks manually (useful for creating the bookmarklet on your iPad or tablet).


Stable Version

Drag this to your bookmarks bar: SEO

or copy this code:

Bleeding Edge

Drag this to your bookmarks bar: SEO (BE)

or copy this code:

Install on iDevice

On an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch you will have to create the SEO bookmarklet manually. The process is a little involved, but well worth it to be able to check out SEO factors on the go.

  1. Select and copy the code in the box (in the post above)
  2. Tap the 'action' icon in Safari (the one that looks like a box with an arrow in it)
  3. Choose 'Add Bookmark'
  4. Change the title to 'SEO' and choose the folder you want to save it in
  5. Tap the 'Save' button
  6. Now go to your bookmarks and find the bookmark you just titled 'SEO'
  7. Tap the 'Edit' button and tap the title of the bookmark
  8. Select the URL, clear it, and paste the code you copied into the URL input
  9. Tap the back button in the top left. Your changes should be saved.

Full List of Features

The bookmarklet is broken into four main sections, and each can be hidden or expanded by clicking the title:

  • On-Page Factors
    • Title tag length and value
    • Meta description tag length and value
    • Count of <img> tags with the alt attribute set, and total number of tags on the page
    • Count of <a> tags with the title attribute set, and total number of tags on the page
    • Count of heading elements from h1 to h3 on the page
    • Whether or not sitemap.xml and robots.txt files are present in the root folder of the domain (i.e. "" or "")
    • Whether or not rel=canonical or meta robots tags are present, and what their values are
    • The site cookie
    • The referral URL to the current page
    • A set of links that will perform various tasks on the page, such as the SEOmoz Term Extractor, the W3C Link Checker, and others
  • Research and Intelligence Tools
    • Open Site Explorer links for the current page and current domain
    • An historic backlink graph for the site
    • Access to the Google AdWords keyword tool
    • and links to research and market intelligence resources
  • External Tools
    • De-personalize Google results pages
    • Get Whois data from GoDaddy
    • View past versions of the page you're viewing through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine
  • Text Length Checker
    • Paste a chunk of text in the text box to find out how many characters are present


I have tested this on all modern browsers and on multiple sites and haven't seen any issues. It also works fairly well on an iPad. If you find any issues or have any suggestions, let me know!

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  • Great bookmarklet – I hate installing any more plugins than required and this is one of my top 5 bookmarklets …

    Re: Jon scraping page – this is something I used – (not mine however – )

  • Absolutely fantastic bookmarklet – allows you to access a large amount of data at the click of a button. Thank you very much Troy!

  • Just updated Troy thanks for keeping this updated. I use it daily.

  • This bookmarklet has been so useful to me. I always find myself coming back to this post so that I can share the tool with others. THANK YOU!

  • Great Job end Very useful tool. I will use it for all my websites to get a very quick SEO point :) Thanks

  • Hi Troy!
    Great bookmarklet, I use it on a daily basis. One thing I really would like to see is that the title and description of a page would be presented like Google would show them – that way I can create better descriptions and titles when I am working on a site locally… thanks & cheers from good old europe

  • Incredibly useful tool Troy – thanks for making / sharing this!

  • Hey Mark,

    I usually explain that Google tries to match search results to each person’s interest based on their past searches and what they’ve viewed online. As a result, what they see in Google may not be what most people see if they haven’t de-personalized the results.

    If they Google themselves (or their keywords) for example, and click on their own links they are more likely to show up higher in the results than they would in a de-personalized search.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks very much for this handy tool Troy.
    I will put it to good use.
    Can you tell me how best to describe xing out Google personalized searches to an seo client?

    Again thank you for the handy tool off to play with it now.


  • Thanks for the great tool Troy! I’m using it all the time now. I also posted a link to it on my small but growing list of free SEO stuff on my site here: Keep up the great work.

  • Hey Troy,

    great snippet & thanks for sharing! One little suggestion: Wouldn’t it be great to copy the choosen text directly via JS to the text-checker? So there is no effort for copy+paste.


  • Thanks Troy! SEO Bookmarklet really great, it’s simple show us a Analyze data for any website we visiting..

  • Thanks a lot for this wonderful post. One question… Where should i enter the code you mentioned.

    • You can either drag the link to the bookmarks bar or create a new bookmark and enter the code as the bookmark’s URL. The exact process will likely be different on each browser.

  • Troy, already very enthusiastic about version 0.1 can’t wait for future improvements :-) . It’s a very handy tool for quick scanning a page and also the de-personalize feature is really adding value. Thanks for sharing this.

  • This SEO Bookmarklet is easy to use and useful. It would be nice to see the external links without having to exit the tool though. Thanks for sharing this Troy.

  • Troy Thanks for building such a great bookmark let, i will use this tool

  • Brilliant extremly useful Bookmarklet! Thank you. Just found out about it yesterday and now I am already happily using it! Cheers!

  • Troy thanks for building such a useful bookmarklet! Both versions work great on my iPad and I look forward to getting a great deal of use out of this.

  • Thanks Troy, this bookmarklet looks great, nice of you to share.

    I understand that with the bm you can scrape a page, but is it possible to have a function within the bm to have an option to export the info? (csv file for excel)

    again great idea!

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